Marrakech: A Photo Diary

Koutoubia Mosque - The Wanderlust Bug

Every now and then, you visit somewhere so photogenic that you just can’t put your camera down; Marrakech was one of these places (so much so, it deserved it’s own photo diary!) Honestly, the sky was never grey, the run down areas were actually beautifully tiled and the locals going about their day just added to the backdrops. 🙂

I recently spent a long weekend in the city. A lot of research went into our itinerary and as a result we got to every point of interest, restaurant with a view and all the instagrammable hotspots (if you’re planning a trip make sure you check out my perfect insta-worthy 3 day itinerary before you go).

If you’re not planning a trip, you may be by the end of this post <3…

*Is Marrakech on your bucket list?*


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