Marrakech: A Photo Diary

Every now and then, you visit somewhere so photogenic that you just can’t put your camera down; Marrakech was one of these places (so much so, it deserved it’s own photo diary!) Honestly, the sky was never grey, the run down areas were actually beautifully tiled and the locals going about their day just added to the backdrops. 🙂

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The Perfect Insta-Worthy Itinerary For 3 Days In Marrakech

Welcome to the city of magic…and great photo ops!

If you’re looking for a long weekend away but are after somewhere a little different this time, then spending 3 days in Marrakech is THE one. It’s close enough to be a long weekend destination, cheap enough that you can head there without having to break the bank, and so culturally different to your average trip to Costa del Sol that you can feel like you’re worlds away from home.

Myself and a few friends recently spent 3 days in Marrakech in search of sun, souks and mint tea – we got lost in the medina, got caught in a severe rainstorm and almost fell off the tallest camels in the world, but most importantly we spent our weekend on an epic journey to a tonne of pretty / instagrammable hotspots. 🙂 (Don’t lie, we all do it…)

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