A Quick Guide To Bali

Bali has quickly become a traveller’s hotspot in recent years, and with it’s tropical beaches, volcano sunrise treks & great surfer vibe its easy to see why. I’ve had a lot of you guys asking me about Bali these last few weeks, so I thought I would pop it all into a post for you to read through. So…here is my quick, no nonsense guide that will help if it’s your first time to Bali. <3


Before you go…

Knowing how to get there

The airport to fly into is Denpasar (DPS) – flights are relatively cheap and are between £360 – £550 return depending how far in advance you book. I always use Momondo.com to check out flight options as I find the price graph really easy to use and super easy to compare dates…


Knowing where to go

The main hubs in Bali are Ubud, Seminyak, Sanur, Canggu & Uluwatu but people also travel up to Lovina if they fancy going waterfall trekking and dolphin watching. Ubud is a big town full of shops, cute cafes, cooking classes & outdoor yoga studios and is used as a base for sunrise volcano trekking and white water rafting. Seminyak is a smaller town (but still big!) near the beach which I personally think is a little more westernised – it has good beach clubs (Potato Head – also has a pool), chic restaurants & cafes and little boutiques selling really nice clothes. There’s also a really good market in Seminyak. Uluwatu is great for amazing views and surfing, Canggu also good for beach and surfing and Sanur is more peaceful.

Seminyak is my favourite – we stayed at Capsule Hostel which was divine!

Knowing where to avoid

Stay away from Kuta – it’s not worth wasting any time here! It’s built up and feels quite dirty / polluted – personally I think it’s best to stick to other areas. There have also been a few reports of methanol being mixed into alcohol in some clubs in Kuta so be careful !


Knowing how to get around

You won’t find any backpacker buses in Bali; the main way to get around is by car. But don’t panic! This doesn’t mean you need to hire a car for your trip…just a driver (with a car obv). This can be arranged through your hotel / hostel very easily. If you’re savvy, hire a car for the day to take you to a couple of temples / rice terraces / beaches before dropping you off at your final destination. Another way to get around is by hiring a moped, or by using Uber (v cheap!).

Knowing where to eat

If you like seafood, Jimbaran has to be on your list. Think long stretch of beach, ocean, sunset, people, fairy lights and a cluster of really good seafood restaurants.

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you’re in luck as Bali caters well for both. Try Moksa in Ubud & Earth Cafe in Seminyak.


Knowing what to do

There are so many must dos in Bali: Tanah Lot Temple, Uluwatu Temple, Goa Gajah, Tampak Siring Water Temple, Tegalalang Rice Terrace in Ubud, Ubud Monkey Forest, the Mount Batur Sunrise Trek, Padang Padang Beach…the list goes on. If you’re limited on time then I would go with Tampak Siring (below) & Tegalalang FOR SURE. This was the coolest thing I saw in Bali (admittedly I didn’t do the sunrise trek up Mount Batur so this would probably be cooler). But yeah, Tegalalang is amazing…if you scroll back up to this posts main photo, that’s Tegalalang. You can’t really tell the size from that photo, but each terrace is a couple of metres deep…yea…it’s bloomin huge <3

Knowing where to find great views

Rock Bar in Ayana Hotel is one of my favourite spots for sunset as it’s set on the edge of a cliff face. They do really good cocktails and bar snacks too and the tables have a perfect view over the ocean. Make sure you wear the right clothing here as it’s a posh hotel and guys won’t be able to get in wearing sleeveless tops. Single Fin in Uluwatu also has great views and a really chilled vibe.


Enjoy! x


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  1. 23rd June 2017 / 08:15

    This is a great guide on visiting Bali! I went to Bali in November and loved it! We spent time in Seminyak and Ubud and also visited the Gili Islands which I thought were amazing! I definitely agree to avoid Kuta. It’s very overly touristy and there are so many nicer areas to go. Another tip I would recommend to first time visitors is to eat the local food at warungs. The food is amazing and so cheap too 🙂

    • 9th July 2017 / 10:18

      Thanks Christie. Amazing isn’t it 🙂 Exactly, when you have so many places to choose between it makes no sense going to Kuta. Thanks for the tip on local food too! x

  2. 23rd June 2017 / 12:49

    Bali has been on my bucket list for a long time. Thanks for a great read!

    • 9th July 2017 / 12:17

      Hi Clare, it’s unreal. 🙂 Thanks for the comment x

  3. 23rd June 2017 / 15:37

    Bali looks like a beautiful place to visit. If I go, I will take your advice to avoid Kuta. The rock bar looks fun! It looks like you had a fabulous trip!

    • 9th July 2017 / 12:19

      Hey Stacey, it’s amazing. 🙂 Definitely go if you get the chance! x

  4. 23rd June 2017 / 15:46

    I love your photos! I miss Bali so much, I went 3 years ago. It was literally paradise!!

  5. 24th June 2017 / 01:29

    Bali is LOVE! I am planning to visit Bali soon.

  6. 24th June 2017 / 03:46

    Will go to Bali in August so these tips will be useful! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Love the first photo as well!

    • 9th July 2017 / 09:53

      Hey Enrico, I’m glad it’s helped. Have an amazing time! x

  7. 26th June 2017 / 09:14

    Nice blog and tips you’re sharing, thank you. Check out my blog too, murdwarsa.tumblr.com, it contains my trip experiences, hopefully useful.

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