27 Signs You’re Totally Addicted To Travel

27 Signs You're Totally Addicted To Travel

If you’re constantly planning your next weekend getaway and spending your days dreaming of jetting off into the sunset, chances are you may be completely addicted to travel. 🙂

Once you’ve caught the wanderlust bug, theres no going back – you have it for life. I caught the wanderlust bug a while ago; everything I do revolves around travel. I’m addicted!

Here are some signs you might be addicted to travel too…


1) Your weekends no longer mean lie ins, brunches and nights out but weekend getaways and new adventures

2) You start all your stories with ‘when I was in’

3) You have at least two trips planned at any given time

4) Not having a trip booked gives you anxiety

5) Your friends are overtaking you at life – buying houses, having babies, getting married. You’re just there, like, with your passport

6) You’ve made peace with wearing flip flops in the shower

The end of cherry blossom season 😢🌸

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7) You filled your passport way before it needed renewing

8) You don’t shop like you used to – you’re into camera equipment and rucksacks rather than shoes and dresses

9) In fact, you don’t shop at all – every penny goes towards your travel funds

10) Your Instagram feed is full of photos of Thailand & Australia

11) You seem to have become a source of travel knowledge amongst your friends (and friends of friends)

12) You never truly unpack, because really, what’s the point

How to Sunday. 👌🏻 @leriadyasmine 🌵

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13) And you don’t even mind living out of a suitcase anymore

14) Momondo’s ‘Trip Finder‘ page is literally your BIBLE

15) You compare the price of things to the value of a flight (gaaad the money for that festival ticket could get me to Mexico and back)

16) You have a wanderlist as long as your arm

17) Social media is your king – you follow all your favourite bloggers on insta, twitter and snapchat for daily travel inspiration

18) You ask for plane tickets for your birthday / Christmas / Easter / bank holiday / May Day / pancake day

18) You have about a million travel tabs open on your laptop at any given time – Momondo, booking.com, Tripadvisor, travel blogs, GOV Travel Advice, weather sites – you name it it’s there

19) You have a tonne of currencies floating around the house (you’ll need them one day right?)

20) Your other half is bombarded with new travel suggestions daily

21) You don’t do routine, or if you do, you hate it (as Brooke Saward said, you’re ‘too creative for a 9-5’)

22) You get more excited about trips than anything else – (even chocolate / new episodes of prison break)

23) You have friends in every corner of the world

‘Breathe in Paris, it nourishes the soul.’ 🇫🇷 | 📷 @sophieemma92

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24) You plan your next trip whilst on your current trip

25) You are an expert at packing (who folds clothes these days?)

26) Hostels feel like home

27) Although your parents have told you you may need help, you know your wanderlust isn’t going anywhere. And you’re cool with that <3


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  1. I love this – this used to me before kids so true about the never properly unpacking I always seemed to have a suitcase out on the go!

  2. Haha I can see how you’re addicted to travel! I’m a real home bird and am never happier than when I’m at home, I’m hoping in the future to travel more but for now we tend to stick to the UK while the children are small.

  3. My one regret is that I did not travel more before having children, I love exploring new countries and I am very jealous you have been to Thailand and Mexico – they are top of my travel list xx

  4. I have definitely got the travel bug. We’ve been to Italy, done a Europe trip and been to South Africa all in about 9 months. Now we’re planning our next trip because we can’t bare the thought of being in the UK for the rest of the year. I’d love to know what camera you use? Your pictures are so gorgeous. x

    1. Hey Chloe, wow you’ve been to some cool places. South Africa sounds amazing 🙂 I’m the same, always have a trip in the pipeline! Thank you, I use a Canon EOS 550D – it’s quite old now so on the lookout for a new one… xx

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