Review: Lazeez Tapas. ‘Bringing Out The Taste Of Beirut.’

Review Lazeez Tapas The Wanderlust Bug 2

Lazeez Tapas The Wanderlust Bug

Lazeez Tapas: Location to kill, mouth-watering food and a team that goes above and beyond.

Greeted with a warm smile and the sweet smell of apple and mint shisha, I sat down at the shimmering golden table out on the terrace at Lazeez Tapas in Mayfair. “You’re Liberty! Hello!”

I was, and I was here to try some delicious Lebanese tapas. YUM

I had never tried Lebanese food, so I was super excited. “You’ve never tried Lebanese food!?” Emilo the owner exclaimed. Now I felt bad. “You will love it, you’ll see. Some of the best food in the world.” And he wasn’t wrong…

Emilio stayed and chatted with my friend and I for a while, whilst we sipped crisp Lebanese wine and after no longer than 15 or so minutes, our first dish emerged from the kitchen: Motabaal. A dip made from grilled aubergine and tahini. Simply delicious.  Not only was this super speedy but the dish was clearly a crowd pleaser – cultural, colourful, and an explosion of flavours.

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From that point on, dishes arrived in rapid succession, and we were greeted with the most scrumptious array of Lebanese food.

The second dish I sunk my teeth into was the Grilled Halloumi Cheese. Being a vegetarian, I’ve tried my fair share of halloumi and this was definitely a winner, with the perfect balance of creaminess and salt and a beautiful springy texture.

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Dishes to follow included Patata Harra (spicy fried potatoes topped with coriander, chili and lemon sauce), Lazeez Falafel, Spicy Lebanese Salad,  Chicken Shawarma and freshly made pitta. Each dish was as delicious as the last, but I have to say the falafels were really something else – the perfect crunchy accompaniment to the rich, creamy hummus. Check out the rest of their menu here.

Not only is Lazeez Tapas a foodie paradise, but the restaurant also has a great cultural atmosphere, serving tea in Middle Eastern brass tea sets, serving baklava for dessert and shisha with a main course from 2pm onwards.

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Would you eat these crazy Chinese dishes?

Send To China

Say the phrase ‘Chinese dish’ to any westerner and it will conjure up images of sweet and sour pork, prawn dumplings and duck pancakes – classic dishes found at any UK based Chinese restaurant or takeaway.

Although these foods typically are Chinese, they have been adapted to fit in with western culture, and they are not necessarily the dishes that the Chinese themselves eat on a day to day basis…

Having briefly visited China, I can tell you that they branch out from these dishes and are a little more risqué than we imagine. They prefer their own crazy Chinese dishes.

For example, in a lot of scenarios the breast of a chicken would be the last part they would choose to eat, and alternative body parts would be higher up on the menu (think head, feet, liver, heart).

Crazy Chinese Dishes



I spent a week in Beijing back in 2011. As a vegetarian in Beijing, it soon became clear to me that the Chinese food culture would be somewhat of a challenge.

Most dishes we came across were either ground dog with rice, charred tarantula and giant millipedes on sticks or vacuum packed chicken feet, and navigating through the rows of glazed animal body parts at the traditional markets was also an adventure.



Whilst I appreciated the Chinese culture and I found it so interesting, I was never going to discover my favourite dish there.

In fact, I spent most of my time ordering egg fried rice just to be safe (and consuming the jar of peanut butter that I smuggled across the border from Cambodia).

Crazy Chinese Dishes


Although a bit crazy, it was really cool to see how the Chinese really eat. Would you try these weird and wonderful foods? What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever tried?

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Review- Gillray's Gin Bar The Wanderlust Bug

Gillray’s serves wines, champagnes and beers, but it is the gin cocktails you really want to be ordering. The cocktail menu is unlike any other – rather than a list of run of the mill cocktails on the menu, each individually created cocktail has a historical link to 18th Century caricaturist James Gillray, and each one is inspired by his work.

Not only are the gin cocktails to die for, but the location is brill too, and you could not get a better view of the Southbank if you tried. Situated right on the bank of the River Thames, Gillray’s is a hidden gem between the London Eye and Big Ben. Perfect if you’re spending the day in Central London.

Review- Gillray's Gin Cocktails The Wanderlust Bug

We spent the evening with Sam, the head barman, and Kevin, who both knew their stuff and have worked in the industry for a number of years.

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Top 3 Places To See The Northern Lights In Scandinavia

Top 3 Places To See The Northern Lights In Scandinavia The Wanderlust Bug

Love to travel? Check. Have a bucket list? Check. Northern Lights on the list? Check. This is the case for most travellers, but it can often get quite confusing knowing the best places and best time of year to see the Northern Lights. Being a Northern Lights specialist has its perks, and I’ve travelled far and wide on the hunt for the elusive Aurora Borealis. Stay with me and I’ll go into a little more detail…

Scandinavia is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights. Fact. Auroras occur near the magnetic poles of the earth, so the further north you are the better. For us in Europe, this means the northern areas of Norway, Sweden and Finland are the perfect destination.





GOOD FOR?   Budget, weekend break, social scene

STAY?   Stay at a hotel in Tromso town, or if you’re feeling adventurous why not take a short flight up to Kirkenes for a few nights at the Kirkenes Snow Hotel. Re-built every year, the iconic hotel boasts show stopping rooms made entirely of snow and ice – a night you will never forget!

DO?   The reason Tromso is a popular destination for the Northern Lights is that the Northern Lights excursions that run are so efficient. Hop in a jeep with a professional guide, work out the logistics of the lights, and head right over to them. If you’re lucky enough to be spending a night or two at Kirkenes Snow Hotel, try out the Arctic king crab safari, an excursion with a difference.

GETTING THERE?   Take the direct flight from Gatwick to Tromso with Norwegian Air on any Monday or Friday during Northern Lights Season.

Top 3 Places To See The Northern Lights In Scandinavia The Wanderlust Bug




GOOD FOR?   Romantic breaks, magical scenery, unique accommodation.

STAY?   Swedish Lapland is the capital of traditional Scandinavian homely lodges. Combine your stay at one of these with a night or two at the Treehotel in Harads. Because who wouldn’t want to spend in a night in a giant birds nest or UFO?

DO?   Head out on a Northern Lights snowmobile adventure, or why not try a spot of snowshoeing, Scandinavia’s traditional form of Arctic transport? If you’re headed to the Treehotel make sure you check out the Ice Dining. You + dining + on actual ice = what’s not to love?

GETTING THERE?   Flights go from London to Lulea via Stockholm with both Scandinavian Airlines or Norwegian Air. (Tip: Norwegian Air tends to be a little cheaper).

Top 3 Places To See The Northern Lights The Wanderlust Bug


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